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May 16, 2011

We find oursleves in the last full week of school.  Can it really be?  These are some off our curriculum plans to wind down our 2nd grade school year.
In religion, we will be learning about the Beatitudes and how we can apply them to our daily living.  For our literacy time, we will be joining a "book club"  based upon the book we choose to read.  We will share our input and thoughts towards the book with the other members of our same group.  We will revisit poetry as well take time to co-author.  Great minds think alike:)  Math brings us to an introduction of multiplication.  By no means do they need to master it, but the students are finding that it pays to know your addition facts!  Next week, we will hold our garage sale.  The students will be manipulating play money in order to make purchases and change.  Remember, one man's trash is another man's treasure!  Science finds us delving into nutrition.  The students are keeping a food and activity journal causing them to be more aware of the healthy and maybe not so healthy choices we make.  Although we may be experiencing summer fever, we still are staying grounded in the classroom:)